I've been operating a home grown HEX built up using 3DR components for about 2 years:


   Power Module

   Black Motors

   Stock ESC

   Power Distribution Board

   Telemetry Radios

   PPM Encoder

Futaba T10CAP + R6014FS

Having problems with 3.2-rc3.  (No previous issues with everything from 2.x through 3.2-rc2, all fly as expected - beautiful!)   Loaded 3.2-rc3, went through ALL Initial Setup procedures, Wizard steps, etc., only one motor would spin when armed.  Inspected all hardware and wiring, no issues.  Did manual ESC calibration, all motors worked properly (prior to arming).  Armed it, no throttle response...  Cycled power (battery disconnect) several times trying to arm after each power cycle, sometimes 1 motor would spin, sometimes 4, sometimes none.  Loaded 3.1.5 without changing ANYTHING else, flew perfectly.  Re-did ESC calibration, this time "all at once", got 6 to spin.  Flew 3.1.5, worked perfectly.  Loaded 3.2-rc3, armed it, no throttle response...  Cycled power several times, trying to arm after each power cycle, sometimes 1 motor would spin, sometimes 4, sometimes none.  Loaded 3.1.5 without changing anything else, or re-doing any calibrations, etc., flew perfectly.  Loaded 3.2-rc3, went through all initial setups and recalibrations, same funky motor response - no go.  Loaded 3.2-rc2 without changing anything else, or re-doing any calibrations, flew perfectly.  Loaded 3.1.5 without changing anything else, flew perfectly.  Loaded 3.2-rc3 without changing anything else - no go.  My application needs sonar, so I need 3.2-rc3 to work.  Any thoughts?

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Have you used the parameter compare function of MP to see what's parameters are different between the two?

Thanks for the feedback! 

I have not used the compare function, and I don't know how (yet!).  Is the idea to use MP to load, say, 3.1.5, look at params, then use MP to load 3.2-rc3 and take another look?  Is that the idea?

Pretty much like that, save your params from v3.1.5 and from v3.2-rcX and then compare them, you'll get a list showing what's different between the two. I use it every time to copy over my chosen PID's and modes between versions. There are things like safety checks which may be more stringent or different between the two versions. Be careful what you copy over, compass calibration, gyro, RC and accelerometer params are some that should not be copied

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