30 minute multicopter flight times, with a camera, in practice ?

I am wondering if anyone is flying a platform that achieves 30 minutes flight time in practice, while carrying a small camera.

The Phantom 2 Vision is close, at 20 to 25 minutes from a 5200mAh battery, but I am looking for a platform with more equipment flexibility. My Arducopter 3DR-B and my Hoverthing Flip FPV Pro are nowhere near the duration.

If you are flying a copter which gets 30 minutes or more with a camera, would you please share your setup?

Thank you 


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sorry to disappoint you small craft like the phantom not really possible without upgrades.LOL

Well this 650 will kill it 15min you need larger copter for 30-40 min flight time


Not quite 30 mins, but I can get 24 minutes at "smooth video" sticks at 900m ASL, at 20'c ambient. Landing at 3.5v.


- Quadframe "heavy", with 155mm legs (CF bottoms though), 4 pontoons and DJI plate

- Tmotor 3508-29's, with Tmotor 1450" props and Tmotor Opto Pro 30A ESC

- Forgotten PDB + Gryphon 5V and 12V BEC's (3 turns of ferrous each)

- APM 2.5 + external mag/compass on DJI GPS pole + 433mhz telem with 1/2 wavelength Ant. Zeal corners anti-vibe

- MinimOSD

- RCtimer gimbal + Martinez v49. Hardened balls

- GoPro2 + video out cable

- Maxamps 10,900mah 6S

- Braincube + 4 HP LED's

- SC2000 PZ0420 flight cam + immersion 600mw 5.8 + ibcrazy Ant + HK FPV Switcher

- Spektrum AR8000 + TM1000

Thank you for the reply.

So that's 15-20 minutes on the OFM Reptile 650. Have you achieved 30 with larger batteries ?

Thank you for the reply.

This is in the performance range of the Phantom 2 Vision, but using a large battery.

Do you think you have payload headroom for another battery ?

no another battery will not work you need larger props as well . increasing battery density only give you so much and increases the overall waight. larger props probroply outside your motors sweet spot so the craft will be less efficient. formual is larger props more effcent motors for prop size larger battery

You are right, OG. I'd expect a 30 min copter to have something in the 16 / 17 inch range prop size, although that is pure speculation.

Some configurations do have considerable headroom in terms of payload capacity though, so that doubling batteries is actually a way to get better runtimes while remaining within a decent motor-prop performance envelope. I was wondering if Euan's is one of those cases.

I have room, but going to something like a 12,000 only gives me 1 more minute flight time! I'm pretty much at the optimum right now. However I can gain more by putting it on a diet - throwing the al RCtimer gimbal and getting a CF one at half the weight will help.

As the guys have said - upping the watts and prop size (without increasing the weight) will get it to 30 mins.
Slight modifier on my spec - I replaced the Ar8000 with an Orangerx with 2 sats on 30cm cables.

This is it here:

Agreed - something in the 16/17 prop range with an AUW of <3.5kg including 8A or more of capacity should get around 30 minutes. This will be tricky, as 8A is around a kilo, and the high pole count, 6S motors needed to crank 15/17 props will be around 300g each (1.2kg in motor weight for a quad).

For a quad, that only leaves around 1.5k for the frame, ESC's, FC, Camera etc. Doable, but careful planning essential.

You could optimise it for hover and get huge flight times as some have done and got amazing results. But if you actually want to fly it, you need to add strength. And power. Both of these cost weight. Weight costs flight time.

I too have been searching for a 25 to 30 min 600+ size multi-rotor.  Must be FPV+gimbal and GoPro.  I have only found options.  There is a build for a 20min + Tarrot 690S:

Tarot FY690S

Sunnysky V3508-20 580K
ESC:  DJI 30A Opto
Naza-m GPS
Props:  APC 1238 Slow-Fly
Rx:  Spketrum AR8000x
Telemetry Spektrum TM 1000 (voltage and temp)
Firebug Gold OSD
vTx:  Immersion RC 5.8 600mw
Gimbal:  Tarot T-2D
GoPro Hero 3Black
2x GensAce 4S 5000mAH 40C
(ROAR approved HardCase (10,000 mAh total)
Amount used out of battery:  7938 ma’s (79.38%)
Flight time 20:40 min
Turbo ACE has the matrix that is boasting 25min flight times.  but it's very expensive and a little big for my taste.
Have you found any other options?

Friends of mine are working on a quad with 400kv-class motors and 17 inch props, running on 6s, and they are achieving 30 minutes with camera on gimbal, I have been told. I will updated once I learn more.

What size quad is it?  That must be pretty big if using 17" props.  I have seen 1000mm size quads with 15".  curious to see the frame and portability.  but yeah!!! i would love to see the project

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