I was looking at this product:


$110. Would those goggles be enough for FPV or should I just save some more money and get something like fatshark?

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I bought these goggles from hobbyking for around 70$ some time ago. No longer available, yet.

320x240 is okay and sufficient for basic fpv. But imagine you are standing on a field wearing a white shirt and you fly over your head you just see some pixels white and have to imagine the rest.

Now I fly 640x480 and that's like day and night. You can see way more details.

I woudn't buy these goggles. There is light comming in from all different sides. It won't stay on your nose. You can use this goggles but should put a blanket over your head.

The picture lacks colors and contrast and I had to put a seperate lipo plug on the goggle because the cable remote (with the lipo inside) was broken just 2 days after arrival.

I use the Foxtech AIO goggles. More expensive but way better. Or get a used fatshark on ebay or the Fatshark predator starter set for 279$.

This Predator set (v1) includes headtracker, cam, receiver and transmitter. The receiver is (like in my AIO goggles) inside the goggles. Much less stuff to carry around.

Would never buy anything else.!!!   Don't buy the overpriced 110$ shit.

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