3D Alexmos Gimbal 8bit Basecam

Hey All,

 I'm having some trouble getting my 3D Alexmos 8bit Gimbal to work..

 It keeps twitching and I've tried calibrating the accelerometer multiple times If i could just get it to be stable and face downwards that would be fine. If someone could send me the specs for the their PID settings and motor configuration that would be appreciated.

The motors are Maytech MTGBM2212-70T. I'm the BaseCam GUI v2.40 b7. I want to configure it for the GoPro Hero 3+.

Also any information on how to mount it to the Arducopter would be fantastic as well!!

Here's the sources I've been using:




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  • I have used that gimbal before and while it can be a huge pain to use a little more information about your setup is required to help. 

    Some basics:

    -Camera must be attached to perform any tuning

    -Gimbal twitching with that gimbal is often related to movement while its gyro is starting up. Perform gyro calibration and ensure the device is not moving while it is happening. 

    Set your P to 3 D to 1 and I to 0.01 and start increasing P from there. Lower I values help when finding the initial tune

    - REDO the 6 point accel calibration. It is a huge pain but if you can remove the sensor from the camera plate to do this. This ensures you have an accurate setup

    -Reflashing the firmware seems to help some of the issues with that specific gimbal board. Sometimes a bad firmware upload is only manifested during the tuning process. 

    - Motor pole count and reverse (or normal) direction is essential to proper gimbal use. If it thinks right is left and vice versa it will never work

    - The Accel needs to know what axis is up and what axis is right. Refer to the manual to ensure you have these set. If while looking at the GUI the pitch is moving up when the camera is moving down an axis may be backwards. 

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