3D Hex alternative landing gear/skids

Who makes some better legs for the 3D robotics hex? I thought I saw a Canadian co. that sold some nice tall carbon fiber ones but that's all I have seen.  I am not liking these and I think there can be something better out there.  I would consider moving my whole gimbal to the center also if I could get something like some sort of helicopter skids that would work for me. But I am not going to do some hack setup I want something clean and solid. What are you guys using out there? I can fabricate here at my shop but really not wanting to put the time in for it as I am pretty busy these days.  I am using the longer legs that they sell right now so I want to keep the height I have or taller.

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  • Here is one more... What about putting on retractable gear on it?  I found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nntGTugQ4xc

    To me this would be the best route has anyone done this? 

  • Here is a pic: http://diydrones.com/photo/smt-0500-2?context=user

  • I bought the parts to build the landing skids for a bumblebee and then modified the bottom plate of the hex to accept the mounting hardware.  Check out my pics to see what I mean.  I can send along the list of pieces I found at Hobby King if you want.

  • Nobody? Someone has to be doing some DIY with these things?

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