I have been working to implement a plugin for STK (Systems Tool Kit) for importing a flight log, recreating the flight, altering some sensor models to depict the camera and camera mode (i.e. field of view).  I can pull the flight data in, overlay the captured video from the flight, compare with a "simulated" view of modeled sensor in the software, and do some pretty cool analysis with other tools in the software (reports/graphs, propagate GPS satellites and analyze and/or predict DOP values, calculate distances to other objects/ areas/ volumes.... the list goes on.

I also have been working to put in a RealTime capability so i can link up to my 3DR radio and monitor the flight of my IRIS+.  You can see some demonstration of what i have working so far here:


Let me know what you think!  I am still trying to wrap my head around the whole MAVLINK world, but i have made some progress!  Thanks to a few folks on here who have given some guidance as well.

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This is fantastic, and deserves a front page blog post rather than just a discussion. I'll crosspost for you. 

Thanks Chris! I'm hoping to add a lot more features so I'll keep this discussion updated with progress.
This would be a great analysis tool. Are you going to be releasing this?

Looks great!  Are you planning on this to be opensource, or commerical?

So cool. Subscribed. Want to know more about this.


since under new legislation by FAA every tiny drone is subject to official registration,

try to implement no-fly-zones into your application exactly as DJI did in Ground Station.

R&D team from MIT developed fixed-wind plane fit for autonomous non-GPS flights indoor (underground parking space) equipped with obstacle avoidance radar , sonar and highly intelligent flight control algorithm.

3D flight track visualization is provided.

Look for the thread starting from embedded video since I don't remember its name

My congratulations.


some years ago I have tested GPS-enabled vehicle camera video recorder, software part only, playing back recorded video in one window, GPS track on Google maps in second video and accelerometer sensor data in third window, time synced.

I was curious how to timestamp recorded video frames to get time synced playback effect

or to develop multimedia format (vxml) to record timestamped video, GPS track and sensor data for synced playback in 3 windows.

Could you advise me on a nice solution ?

timestamping the video is a challenge and i am unsure of the right solution.  Right now i have to manually edit the video file if i want to use it, so that it starts and stops during the portion of the flight that the log file represents.  

I dont know if there is a way to grab time-stamp data from the gopro video files, but if there was a way, and the time was as accurate as the log file, then that could be helpful.

I mean car video players with GPS

like these



Tommorrow I give you more details on how to sync a number of input live multimedia streams, sensor data channels into timestamped product, ready for playing back.

The parent application this is built on top of (STK) is commercial.  There is a free version however:


The plugin i am developing (seen above) does provide some capability that would only require the free product, but other features i am building into it, or plan to build, would require various licenses. I posted a bit more about that on Chris's blog post for this:


I have thought that it would be a good idea to build a version of this that only uses the capabilities available in the free version of STK though.  It would be a bit limited in functionality but could be a great flight recreation tool for importing flight logs and doing some basic analysis.  

Great! I have a project to plot realtime 3D data for realtime diagnostic, therefore I will of course follow your project.


implementing Matroska multimedia container should work for you.
Parsing MAVLINK live feed to extract data streams of interest
and packing them back into Matroska multimedia container
since Matroska container can be scripted to play individual video, audio, sensor data channels in individual windows (HTML5 web browser) as video, audio, live graph charts.

Read about EBML record encoding format.


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