So I've been lurking for a while though I've decided to share with you one of my projects. This project is actually being assessed as part of my course so please excuse the formalities.

Anyway here is my blog which has the entire project so far:

Project website - click here!

There you'll find a lot of information on multirotors in general, so it would quite a good read for a new user. 

Pictures speak a thousand words so here they are:

As you can see it's still very much a WIP. The idea is I'll make the carbon fiber skeleton on a CNC dremel. Then 3D print the body which is thin and light, then I'll cover that with a thin layer of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (it's going to look great). The bulk heads will be fitted and epoxied, the deck then slid in the back. I should be keeping the weight down under 600 grams or so. Those hatches will be fully sealed, so in theory it should be waterproof! I shall have a rail up front for the camera gimbal (which I might have to modify a bit if i want that waterproof too), and finally at the back the batteries will sit.  

Here is the carbon fiber skeleton. Those bulkheads will slide into the body. 

Under that front bottom hatch the gimbal will be mounted. There will be a slot for it so it can be attached to the internal rails. 

So it's very WIP at the moment, but it is coming along. Tomorrow I should be 3D printing it if possible.

I thought this might be interesting for a couple of the readers here. If you'd like I can update you on the progress, so tune in! Also it would be really nice if I got some feedback!

Finally make sure to check out my website, which I have documented the development of this drone.

Project link   

Thanks for looking!


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Hi James,

That looks really cool. I have a quick question for you: Do you have any experience working with carbon fiber fabric and resin infusion, and if so, what have you found is the best weight/weave for said fabric? I'm planning on creating a drone that incorporates custom parts, so it will be a very complex part.



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