I cannot believe that 3D Printing model aircraft parts does not have its own Discussion Forum.
My first question question is this: in what situations can 3D printing replace CNC machining
when it comes to fabricating carbon fiber parts?


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NEXT QUESTION: the landing gear, or “feet” (see link) of the Parrot AR Drone
are too short.   Is it possible to extend the existing landing gear by 3D printing
longer legs onto the existing fabricated legs? Will the new parts adhere to the
existing, fabricated parts?


I didn't know that carbon fiber parts could be created using 3D printing. However,  imagine you could fasten or adhere your choice of suitably robust materials to the existing legs.

I read somewhere that 3D printers that can build parts using a
"carbon-carbon resin or powder" compound that is not nearly as
strong, but, will bond with "conventionally manufactured" carbon
fiber parts. However, I can't find anyone doing this work....or the 
names of product....or supplies....nothing!

Yes, having a discreet carbon fiber part machined on a CNC
and then gluing-it onto the existing airframe is an option, albeit
it stand-outs as an add-on and looks a bit chintzy.



I do 3-d printing (in wax) direct to investment casting using my 3D systems printer.  A part could be printed, and from it a silicone mold could be made into which a resin-carbon powder mixture is poured and allowed to cure.  As for a direct print, the 3-d printing world is rapidly changing and even though there is mention of it, it may still be in its infancy or rare due to cost.  I used to run a Optomec LENS machine that printed directly in metal, but it is still really rare and has very expensive operating costs (prints must be made in an oxygen free environment).  On the other hand in am currently working on a Hex I plan to print and cast sometime soon.


I'm with Peter on this one. Love to learn more about 3d printing. I've been reading about this technology and it's pretty awesome. First I thought it was a fad but lots of big companies are now using it. I mean if I can print my own drone like this one: https://pinshape.com/items/11282-3d-printed-a3-edf-drone I would be in heaven! ha! Still a little expensive thing to do for most people though I think.

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