3DR air radio problem

I just received and installed the 3DR on my quad, but the air module is giving me fits. The green lite is on steady whenever there is power, even if the ground unit is not active. I have the usb port disconnected on the apm2.5 so that isn't the problem. Also the a and c lites on the apm2.5 quit normal operation with the air radio hooked up. I don't have an ftdi to usb cable yet to try to hook it up to the computer, but is there anything anyone has seen that will correct this issue without hooking up to the computer? The ground unit seems to work fine and has a flashing green lite and I upload the settings. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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  • The only thing I can think of is maybe the firmware or baud rate on the air unit is wrong and needs to be updated. Other than that, with way the green lite comes on solid and locks up my apm2.5, I may have a defective unit.
  • It is powered by the apm2.5 and I have checked the cabling several times to make sure it is connected the same way as the pictures show.
  • 57600
  • The only settings I changed were the com port and the baud rate
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    I responded on the wiki, where you posted the same comment. Did you change any of the settings on the ground unit? If so, change them back to the defaults. 

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