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    Hi Rick,

    It is possible on an APM2, but not on an APM1. The reason is that on the APM2 both the USB serial and the telemetry are actually the same serial port, and the CLI is tied to that serial port. On the APM1 they are separate serial ports, so the CLI won't work via the telemetry link.

    The trick to getting it to work is to ensure you "hit enter 3 times" (like it says at bootup) before you send any MAVLink messages. So reset your APM2, then connect with a serial console and hit enter 3 times. You will be in the CLI.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • Tridge says there's a way, but you have to reset the board and enter CLI before it finishes the boot.  You'll have to search for the post.

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    No, only while connected by USB. (That's because the board has to reset to go into the CLI, and it's not safe to allow that unless it's on the ground)

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