3DR / Arduino / XBee

Hello all,

Couple questions about the 3DR.

I have a arduino mega, will the "air" module be able to integrate with it? Meaning i dont have a APM board, i just want to supress my USB cable to communicate with the arduino, will the 3DR do the job?  And if so is there any special instructions? 

Im thinking i can use Serial1 TX/RX ports on the arduino mega board and then i should be able to connect from the ground module to the arduino wirelessly.

Correct me if im wrong.

Thanks in advance

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  • I have Xbee telemetry any can do every thing that the USB can do.

    You do need the USB cable for firmware upgrades to a new version of firmware. That makes sense because you are also updating the telemetry firmware.



  • G'Day Mr Santos,

    Your plan sounds like it should work just fine. -- The radios are transparent, so they will simply pass through anything that you send in one end, out the other end.



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Aug 25