3DR-B APM2 quad

So like many other people on this site I am attempting to build a quad-copter drone.  I have some experience with RC helicopters (I have a Blade 450 and mcpx) and I'm a software engineer so this seemed like a fun project and a good way to take my hobby to the next level.  I got a GoPro HD Hero 2 for Christmas and have been having fun strapping it to the 450 and making aerial videos, so the plan is to mount that to the quad and find some interesting places to film.

Here's what I'm putting together:

  • 3D Robotics ArduCopter 3DR-B Quad-Copter frame with 850 kv motors
  • XL-MaxSonar-EZ0 Ultrasonic Range Finder
  • "3DR Radio" Telemetry Kit - 915 Mhz
  • Spektrum AR600 receiver
  • Spektrum DX6i transmitter
  • APM2 Ardupilot Mega 2.0

I already have the spektrum gear so that was an easy choice.  I wanted the telemetry radios partially because I'm limited to 6 channels with my transmitter, plus it seems to add a lot of flexibility to be able to control the copter directly from a laptop.  Still to be determined: I would like a 2-axis mount for the GoPro.  There seem to be several to chose from but no clear best option.

So at this point the worst part is waiting for the APM2.  I'll get the frame and other gear next week and get it assembled but I won't be able to test anything until I get the board...

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  • Is the FDTI cable required for the configuration?

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    Here's a photo I took of the new toy.  

    I've got the telemetry working with the 3dr radios (not shown in the photo), it was ridiculously easy.

    Still looking for a good but cheap camera gimble, if anyone reads these :)

  • Maiden flight yesterday.  I ended up just sticking the GoPro on with one of the mounts it came with - working great so far.  I've got the sonar hooked up and working, haven't tackled telemetry yet.

    Here's a short video of me flying it in my backyard :)

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