3DR charging Tax for international orders!!?

3DR charged me Sales Tax even though I order from Canada. As distributor and UAV integrator, I have been ordering from 3DR for years now, and I started to get charged HST on the last three orders. Since the goods ship from US, I also paid duties and taxes upon delivery. Now after countless calls and emails to 3DR and months of wait they still insist 3DR needs to charge tax to Canadian customers. But they are not even providing a proper canadian purchase Receipt, with the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) number, canadian address, etc.  The customer service representatives I have talked to don’t even know what HST is.

 My conclusion is that they simply CANNOT charge me the HST if they ship from US. Since they have been unable to provide a proper receipt, I asked for a refund for the overpayments.

Anyone having this problem too? Can anyone from 3DR reading this please help?


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  • Thanks for replying back, guys.

    3DR simply can not charge state tax, goods are being shipped to Canada.

    If they would charge GSH/HST instead then I shouldn't have to pay Fedex at delivery, that is OK if this would be the case (just as when I buy from BHPhoto, I pay the customs and duties in advance).

    the problem is that after 1 hr on the phone with 3DR, 1 month of wait, several unanswered emails I still don't have a proper receipt detailing what "tax" is being charged. The representatives don't even know what tax are they charging for.

    I'll attempt to contact Chris via twitter

  • Some vendors in the US, shipping into Canada, are required to charge the GST and submit it to Canada Revenue Agency.  I'm not sure who/when/why, but some do.  McMaster Carr does this for example.  I think it has to do with size/how much they sell into Canada.  So, there is nothing wrong with this.

    However, they should be providing a receipt that clearly indicates GST has been paid, and therefore the customer should not have to pay tax a second time when the item enters the country.

    • https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090731153252AANthiP

      (ask your tax agent in Canada)

      Does US company have to charge GST when billing in Canada?

      I am a consultant in the USA. I have set up a corporation that I bill through for my services. I recently received an contract in Canada. Do I charge GST?... show more

      3 answers · Canada 

       Best Answer

      If you are not a "Small Supplier", i.e. your total worldwide revenue exceeds CAN $30,000 per year, then you need to register for GST as a foreign business. 

      Does US company have to charge GST when billing in Canada? | Yahoo Answers
      I am a consultant in the USA. I have set up a corporation that I bill through for my services. I recently received an contract in Canada. Do I charge…
  • @Mauricio,

    you are free to contact Chris directly via Twitter to get prompt response.

    Since 3DR has its registered office HQ in Berkeley just ask them if they charge you

    state sales tax or VAT.

    Generally, good are exported as TAX Free , meant VAT excluded, not sure about state sales tax.

    You pay HST Canada as import tax on goods imported from US.




    Imported goods

    Goods you import into Canada are subject to the GST or the federal part of the HST, except for items specified as non-taxable importations. The GST/HST is calculated on the Canadian dollar value of the goods, including duty and excise tax, and is collected at the border at the same time as these duties and taxes.

    The owner or importer of record is responsible for paying the GST/HST on imported goods. If you are registered for the GST/HST and you are the importer (the person who caused the goods to be imported into Canada), you may claim an input tax credit (ITC) for the tax you paid on the imported goods, as long as you meet the requirement for claiming ITCs.


    to learn more read

    Duty Calculator


  • Developer

    FedEx have been adding Tax to my 3DR orders for a long-time. This happens at delivery. My annoyance with that was it wasn't shown at purchase time, only when it was delivered.

    • Bill,

      it is ok if Fedex add the tax, I also pay it every time I receive goods, is part of the duties and taxes when it crosses the border from US to Canada. What I am saying is that 3DR is charging me a Tax directly from their checkout, even though I am an international customer. International orders NEVER EVER PAY TAX (except when crossing the border). The problem is that their representative insist blindly that this tax does have to be charged, which is very ignorant and incompetent from his part.

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