I have the 3DR quad frame with 850kv motors and 10" props. There is something wrong with this copter becuase once it gets to the point of lift off it freaks out see the video. I have downloaded the 3DR params and uploaded them and enabled my LV sonar.  I have read the manual over and over and I cannot find the problem.



Here is the log tuning screen of what the gyros did on that moment.



Please find the last log attached.


Any help please.

Kind Regards


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Almost certainly props/motors connected wrong. Have you run the motors test in the CLI and double-checked prop type/orientation?

Also, did you select the correct + or X configuration for your quad in the MP?

Hello, it is set to X.

I have run the motor tests and recorded it.

It looks good to me.


Has nobody seen this issue before?

 This is how it looks when I click on the terminal. I have to press enter 3 times before it stop throwing random giberish is it normal?

These are the Gyro values from the test

Yes, the gibberish is binary MAVLink data ... The telemetry data. That is normal.

Ok cool, but has anybody had this issue with the quad copter before. This kit literly brand new and never flew before. What could be wrong?

I solved the issue, I connected the esc's from the wrong motors to the PDB e.g motor 1 to 4 and 4 to 2 etc...


Everything looks good when the planner is connected and the motor test are done but the but to the scematics it is wrong.


It is all sorted and hovering like a dream

Great to hear it. What schematic is wrong? Do you have a link?

Hello, none of the schematic is wrong what happened is I assembled the whole frame and PDB before connecting everything and because the motor wires came thru the pipe I made a mistake as to who’s wires is for which motor, so on the PDB front right ESC is connected to M1 on the PDB but motor 3's 3 wires was connected to that ESC and not motor 1. So all of the motors was connect to 1 to the right as what it is supposed to.


What funny was is that when in CLI mode testing the motors the test shown the motors as how it should run. It started at the top right and went clockwise as seen in the video above that is what made stuff hard and after reading this post 


I decided to disassemble the whole thing and started from the beginning and so I found my problem. It is now so stable I am flying it around in my living room.




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