Hi Everyone, 

I am trying to find out if there is someone in particular that you would recommend talking to at 3D Robotics. I placed an order for 3 X8+ drones at the beginning of May as I needed vehicles that could carry a larger payload. The website stated a back order was in place and the estimated shipping time was 5 days. I went to pay and the website stated paying with a credit card was not currently available as it was undergoing maintenance, alternatively a wire transfer was recommended. I paid the money, got a receipt and waited.

A week passed by and no product had arrived (after requesting 24 hr shipping), I called up and was informed that due to technical issues, it would be the following week, fine I would wait. Following week, call again and informed this time that I could have them shipped to me the first week of August!!!! Are you serious? I cancelled my order as I needed the drones before then and requested my money back. 7 weeks, 15 phone calls and who knows how many hours on hold and they still have my money. This is ridiculous. 

If any one can connect me to someone who is capable of resolving this issue at 3DR, it would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Developer

    The site admin passed this on to customer support.  Please contact Vu@3DR.com with your order number and he will sort it out for you.

    • Thank you for your help it is much appreciated!

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