3dr frame and the new pdb

Can I solder the + and - cables from the esc's directly onto the pdb instead of using the deans connectors? (the new diydrones pdb in the 3dr frame-only-kit)

The 3DR frame kit comes with 4 dean connectors to solder onto the pdb, however the "opposite" dean connectors arent in the package so unless you have deans connectors lying around you cant connect the esc's to the pdb.


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  • I agree with the wobblyness, but I guess it'll hold.

    To anyone involved with the store: why aren't these dean connectors included in the kit? Isn't it supposed to include everything needed? Luckily for me, someone recommended getting those parts as well with the kit (at the time I didn't even understand why).

  • Developer

    I did just that on the 3DR kit, but be careful. I ripped two pads off and had to make my own new contact points by scratching off the paint.


  • Developer

    Yes you can, that's how it is done on original ArduCopter power distro boards to make sure that connection is solid on every conditions.

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