I have been using a Power Module with my APM 2.6 in both my quad and my hex since I built them. But it seems they have never been configured correctly. What I don't understand is when my battery gets low I get the warning that says battery at XX.Xvolts but it always follows with 100%. How can my battery always be at 100%? Why doesn't it tell me like 60% or something if the voltage is at 10.9v or something? What am I doing wrong? I have 3DR telemetry with Mission Planner setup.

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Did you go through the power monitoring setup process in the Mission Planner/APM Planner? You need to tell it what kind of battery you're using (how many mAH etc). It can't just guess ;-)

Yes I did configure the mah. That's really all it asks for. There is the Other section with the other parameters but I didn't touch those.

It also asks you to select which kind of battery monitoring you're using. Did you select 3DR PM?

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