3DR power module - incorrect current readings


APM 2.6 + external compass & GPS
3DR power module
Mission Planner 1.2.95 build 1.1.5150.11972
Plane 2.78b

I'm having a strange issue with my current sensor, hoping someone can help. When the plane is sitting idle, it is reporting 88 amps; here's a video:

Voltage is correct and checked via multimeter. I figured maybe it's just a bad power module; nope, second brand new power module tested, and to be sure took a third off a copter that I know works fine and all report this high current while the plane is idle on the bench. The values you see on the OSD reflect what is shown in APM under "battery monitor". [url=http://www.brainphreeze.com/shared/caipi-2-18-14.param]Here are my Params[/url].

The only other odd behavior is that sometimes in mission planner it says "UNABLE TO SET BATT_CURR_PIN" or "BATT_VOLT_MULT" when I try to modify settings under "battery monitor" within mission planner

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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  • Hi all - thank you for your help.

    I got my hands on another APM 2.6 to test as this was the only variable I was unable troubleshoot. For whatever reason, the blame falls on the APM - the new one displays current perfectly without issue, where the old one displays 88amps all the time - same power module used on these tests. Sending APM back to 3DR.

    thanks again, much appreciated!

  • I have no other idea. When I updated my APM 2.5, the described method helped.

    • Did you calibrate the sensor?

  • Choose in the initial setup menu/optional hardware/battery monitor submenu monitor: VOLTAGE AND CURRENT, sensor: OTHER, APM version: APM2.5+ 3DR power module, and Config/Tuning menu Full parameter list BATT_CURR_PIN to 12 and BATT_VOLT_PIN to 13 and will work.

    • thanks for the reply. in my attached params, i have BATT_CURR_PIN to 12 and BATT_VOLT_PIN to 13 and the problem persists. any other ideas?

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