3DR power module initial setup

Hi all,

I do not get the power measurement running and need some advice.

My setup
APM 2.5
3DR power module
mission planner 1.3.5
ArduPlane 3.0.3

JP1 not connected
no telemetry, using USB only


The attached picture shows the state connected via USB only.
This doesn't change when the battery gets connected.

Reviewing a flash log I don't see any change when I connect
a 3A consuming light.

Measuring the PM cable I get
V_BATTERY (pin4): 1.15V
V_CURRENT (pin3): 0.012V (without power consumption) and 0.07V (consuming 3A)

This looks somehow ok to me.

I saw Randy's video and read some threads but the steps to edit the
mission planners setup is still not clear to me.

What should I do next?

Wolfgang R.


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  • Ok, starting with the basics.

    I saw that sonar parameter is a good candidate to test
    the voltage on an analog input pin. I enabled it for A2.

    Connected to the battery I put the signal pin to
    ground and later to Vcc (~5V). But the flash log shows a constant
    0.37V for sonar voltage.

    So something really basic is wrong for me.

    Wolfgang R.

  • Just an update.

    Without overwriting the voltage parameter the shown value is always around 2.7V

    I removed the PM and connected pin4 (voltage) in the PM cable to ground.

    This doesn't show any change. The MP connected via USB still shows


    Have to find a way that an anlog input is reflected in the MP.

    Wolfgang R.

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