I recently got a PX4 and a 3DR custom built quad.  I'm using all 3DR parts other than the props.  My issue is that I can't get mission planner to show what voltage or current flow, it only shows 0.0.  I have replaced the power module with a brand new one but still have the same issue.  I'm also using a 3DR power distribution board.  I have the 6 pin cable from the power module going into the power spot on the pixhawk.  And to the best of my knowledge I have all the settings correct in mission planner.  My question is, is where can I find some detailed info on setting the PX4 up and using the power module?  Also the same issues arise when using droid planner on my tablet as well.  And everything thing else with mission planner seems to be working correctly.  



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Never mind. I was not correctly stating what I had.  I was under the assumption that the PX4 and Pixhawk were the same thing.  My mistake.  My Pixhawk has PX4 stamped on the side so I had the pin configuration set for a PX4.  i changed it to the Pixhawk and now everything seems to be working correctly.  Thanks anyways!

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