3DR radio alternative?


Just further researching the subject while waiting for my first toys to arrive.

Im ordering some bits from hobbyKing and am curious about the 3dr radios and what an alternative might look like over at HK. In particularly something with a bit more range

Firstly looking at this guy:

boscam 5.8g 600mw 32CH FPV Wirless AV Tx & Rx Set TS832 and RC832

Is this purely for the video signal (eg FPV + OSD etc) or the fact there is many channels can some be used for the telemetry (that the 3dr radios provide)

If not could some one point me to equivalent , or stronger radios at HK. And whatever extras needed to connect to APM/PIXHAWK .

My thoughts are:

I have the APM with 4dr radios and bitsn pieces coming from 3dr, and the bixler2 and bits n pieces coming from HK. I hope to start playing on that.

In the future once the  updated (pixhawk etc) x8 multicopter comes out from 3dr I plan to get that.

Im thinking of putting the 3dr radios onto the copter (since it will in general be much closer range), and put other radios onto the bixler (or whatever plane I end up using)

Im in New Zealand so have to buy carefully in combined package as shipping adds a bit.



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    The Boscam stuff is video only. The 32 channels is for different video channels

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