Guten morgen,

ich habe mir das Telemetrieset 3DRadio gekauft umd möchte mir serielle Daten auf diesem Wege kabellos an meinen PC übertragen. In diesem Fall möchte ich mir die Daten des seriellen GPS-Empfängers übertragen. Nur das funktioniert nicht. Es werden zwar Daten übertragen, aber das ist alles andere als lesbare GPS-Daten (siehe Bild). Es sieht ganz danach aus, dass die Übertragungsparameter nicht stimmen. Gemäß dem Konfigurationsprogramm "3DRadio Config" ist es aber korrekt eingestellt (siehe Bild). 

Kann mir hier jemand einen Tip geben, was ich da falsch mache.

Grüsse hier von der Ostsee   Peter

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Could it be that the dat coming from the GPS is inverted?

I remember doing some test in the past with an EM401 and there the data was inverted.
I fit in a 40106 (simple hex inverter) and the problem was solved.


What model of GPS receiver are you using? What do you have if you connect directly GPS to PC via FTDI cable?


the data is not inverted. I testing the data directly with the GPS-receiver on the com-port. The data on the com-port are OK. The data with the 3Dradio are not OK.


my GPS-reveiver is a RoyalTek Model: RGM-2000


How do you connect to the comport?
Is it via a serial to USB converter or is there a DB9 plug on the RGM-2000?

A couple of years ago I also used a RGM-2000 and hooked it up to a PIC µP via a MAX232.

I found this page that does something similar:


The best option - show us your setup on picture/photo in two versions:

- wired (working),

- wireless (not working).

Try also to uncheck "ECC" option for 3DR radio.

I'm ready for the weekend and then post it here.


Here are the picture. Wired and wireless. The name Peter is are testing-string. ECC ist in the 3DRadio uncheck. The settings are 3DRadio otherwise have remained. The wired-connection is over are USB2COM-connector. The GPS coordinatee are 0 because the recipient is still in the office.

Are you using USB2COM or USB2UART connector?

Photos would be best anyway...

I'm using PA6C GPS receivers with different baudrates via 3DR radios with no problems.


So for direct connection you're using different wiring than for 3DR Radio.

You must do as Jan said: make converter to make GPS TTL-compatible.

Where does it say in the documentation 3DRadio?

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