Hi there.

I am trying to connect my 3DR radios and when I click 'Load Settings' in APM Planner, I am getting a Failed status on the remote. The remote radio is blinking green, with a red pulse at the end of the green blink.

This is what I'm seeing in APM Planner.

Just wondering what could be wrong. Thanks! Charlie

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Just as an update. I plugged in the remote radio to APM Planner, and loaded the settings, transferred them to the 'remote' settings and then loaded the local radio back into 'local' and I still can't connect. Any tips why?

Loading Remote Radio settings

Final setup:

Here is what the blink looks like on the remote radio. It only does this when it's plugged into the board. If it's plugged directly into APM Planner it's normal.

I figured this out. I had to flash both the radios hooked up directly to APM Planner with the same Net ID. Out of curiosity, APM does not require any specific Net ID of the radio, does it?

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