3DR Solo Backpack

I had waited till my foldable legs came in before doing this review on my new 3DR Solo Backpack. If you care to take a look you can find my review here https://youtu.be/_7MZlEtBYu8
This backpack is by far the most perfect way to safely carry your Solo. This backpack can be ordered directly from 3Drobotics https://store.3dr.com/products/3dr-solo-backpack it is way beyond some of the backpacks you will find.  It is made of the highest quality material and inside it is truly designed to protect your Solo, Controller, Batteries and other related items.
As for comfort it has wide straps and extra padding to make it comfortable for hours. It can also be carried on a Plane and you won't have to worry if some person pushes their suitcase against it. Once again 3DR brings quality to the things they sell.
Have a Great day. Grandpa Jake
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