3dr telemetry setup

Hey, first of all I would like to say thanks to everyone who has helped keep this forum up there with the info.I have Been here since I bought my first f450 a month ago using just a kk2 with a turnigy 9x which you guys helped put together by posting your ideas, comments combined with your wisdom. You guys honestly don't know how much your posts help newbies like me.Since then I have purchased my 3rd second hand f450 simply because used drones seem to work out allot cheaper then buying brand new parts and you end up with allot more spare parts.I did purchase a brand new apm 2.8 with everything including the 3dr telemetry which I have had allot of problems setting up.Could someone please share there knowledge to help me get the 3dr working.I have googled and youtubed for the past week been threw so many forums I've tried updating the firmware through mission planner but no matter what I try it simply won't connect.I'm sorry if I have missed the post that explains how to get it to work but I just can't seem to find a solution.The apm connects fine threw USB cable but just can't get the 3dr to connect through Bluetooth.Your help would be highly appreciated.

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  • Sorry guys maybe I didn't explain properly. But my understanding is that the USB module that came with the kit worked off Bluetooth.

    Correct me if I am wrong

    The picture is the kit I purchased.
    • It is the fpv telemetry USB dongle that plugs into a laptop along with the reciever that is plugged directly into the APM.

      I can connect to the APM using a USB cable but not with the dongle

      I have checked the broadrate

      Tried updating firmware although, I am not sure if the reciever is being updated through the dongle as it should.
      • No bluetooth with this dongles. Ground side connected via usb to your laptop or something else...

        take a look at this page http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-sik-telemetry-radio.html

        I think this will solve all of your issues...

        SiK Telemetry Radio — Copter documentation
        • TY for your help Niels and a extra TY for clearing up what I thought was a Bluetooth dongle.

          I have tried everything on that URL to.

          Everything should basically be plug and play and automatically update firmware as that page states through mission planner.

          Everything seems ok and mission planner even says done when I try connect.

          But! when getting parameters from the APM it seems somthing is wrong.Mission planner will just not get past that point.

          Starting to think I may have a faulty one.
    • Bought from eBay


  • Well actually you can run it through bluetooth, but that requires some additional hardware like this one https://433bluetooth.wordpress.com/ or something like that

    433bluetooth Bridge
    Besuche den Beitrag für mehr Info.
  • do you mean 3dr radios 433 or 915 ? If yes you cannot connect with bluetooth, you have to connect trough usb port on GCS

  • Let me get you right? You are trying what do to? Connect to the copter through the 3dr radio?

    Where comes the Bluetooth in the picture? "The apm connects fine threw USB cable but just can't get the 3dr to connect through Bluetooth."

    3dr Radio has nothing to do with bluetooth as you can read in the specs of the thing... 

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