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Although, I have experience with quads, I am going for my first purchase (ready-to-fly) kit for Arducopter. I thought better ask the community on where to purchase, Udronesor jDrones or buildyourowndrones based on their experience. Factors important to me are:

1) Good customer service (in case I crash) 2) Quality of product 3) Cost


In uDrones, the description for the inclusive parts within the kit for purchase are really not descriptive. I have to hunt for which one to go for e.g. Replacement kit (What do I have it in, precisely)? Don't want to shell my money away for nothing..  What about jDrones or buildyourowndrone.co.uk ?


I want to have a fully functional Quad (incl. 7CH RC txm, camera mount, OSD camera(cheap)), GPS and sonar). 


Really looking for getting this thing to work and pointing me into the right direction until I click the purchase. I know it might cost a bit more than a 1000 $. I am for it right away!




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Can someone please reply to the above discussion as it may also be helpful to others like me.



Hi Johann,

Thanks. I want to by this arducopter (Quad-D fully assembled). I live in the Netherlands, so might consider buying this from the dealer in UK. I am just able to find Quad-C not D. Can you help me find it in buildyourowndrones? I want a ready-To-Fly kit ;)

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