I started a Facebook Group for people specifically interested in talking about the 3D Robotics X8 multicopter platform. Hopefully we can share X8 specific quirks and development.


Cheers, Charlie

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What's wrong with the existing X8 group here on diydrones?
It has 171 members.
Oh! *multicopter* x8!
In that case, what's wrong with the existing 3dr forum for the x8 ArduCopter?
And the existing ArduCopter group here on diydrones?

Ha, yeah. That is the constant confusion with the name.

I am not trying to fragment the community. I love diydrones. I was just thinking it could be a casual place for sharing for a hyper specific audience, not a replacement for the ArduCopter forums.

Well, I guess if you can get it going it may be fine. I'm sure 3dr would like to see more social media dedicated to their stuff. It's just that your profile here has all of one discussion post and no blog entries, so I chalked you up to not knowing your way around the resources that exists. If you want to drive forward with Facebook, it's fine by me, as long as you know where to find the other resources.
Product support and hardware 3dr stuff is at ArduPilot.com and general forums and software focus are at diydrones, as is all historic stuff (migrating 3dr product-specific support to the new forums at ArduPilot.com, as I understand it.)

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