I have a piece of countryside property on which I would like to set up a camera turret. I want to be able to see and follow night time critters so I need it to run all night. I want a camera turret and not so much a drone so that I can mount enough battery and reception equipment to get distance and run time. I have heard of people setting up a so called "40 mile" remote control system and reaching up to 20+ miles! this is what I would like to have. I want to build my own gimbal stand so that it can support any camera/equipment that I might want to add. This will require two servos and wiring space to add a third if I want it latter. I need to be able to feed an infrared camera and motion sensors through the system as well. This sounds daunting and is above my skill level. basically I want a stationary camera turret with a gimbal so that I can follow any animals that come through the area. If anyone wants to help me figure this project out I would be greatly apreciative. For starters i just need to figure out what components and what size components I need. Thanks in advance!

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