40x zoom lens, plus high precision gimbal stabilizer with special double shock-absorber mechanic system, this kit attached under our drone can easily spot a target about 1km away, and capture the clear detailed picture of it. This camera kit absolutely can be recruited by law enforcement. 

Here some more specs: 

Size: 190.97×166.83×130mm

Weight: 850g

Video Format: H264 MP4, 4K

Photo Format: JPEG

Lens: 20x optical zoom (20x Optical and 2x digital), F1.8~F3.6

External Storage: SD(512M-2GB); SDHC(4GB-32GB); SDXC(48GB-128GB)

Gimbal control range: Pitch:-100°~45°;  Yaw:-170°~170°

Tolerance while hold: ±0.01°

Tolerance while cruising: ±0.05°



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  • Regarding the more information you're looking for, I'd also would like to know some. Because I'm a bit newly into this camera performance myself. Will appreciate you for sharing your questions with me. 

    Before that, I guess here's probably the all info we can find about it: http://www.mmcuav.com/portfolio-items/thyea-z40/

    Bill Salopek said:

    Very nice...where can I find more information?
    Thyea Z40
    Thyea Z40 Equipped with a precise 3-axial gyro-stabilized gimbal and MMC standardized quick release connector, Thyea Z40 is an extraordinary 40x…
  • Very nice...where can I find more information?
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