433 radios stopped working

I purchased a set of the 433 radios from 3d robotic about 2 weeks ago and they were working well out of the box (see my blog http://diydrones.com/profiles/blog/list?user=3q2z7n31t93eq) but after changing nothing on them I now cannot get the remote one to show in the utility CTRL+A. it comes up with the computer radios settings but not the remote one. I get flashing green lights on both units so wondering if they have unbound or something. I have swapped the units over and its still the same just the computer side is connected.

I am still learning all this so if anyone has any advice I would be very great full. These things are so good when they are working I miss not having them.

I have emailed 3Drobotics for advice but haven't had a reply

Oh have looked at all connections and wires and they seem fine and haven't changed since the video above.

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