5 Minute waiting period for GPS to settle down

Thank you Randy et al…    As previously discussed, the GPS LOCK LED becomes solid within 15 seconds of ARMING.  If it takes longer (5 min.) to fully acquire the constellation and update the almanac, how do I know when it’s OK to launch a mission?  Can code be written in the APM to output another remote LED when the calculated position is finally resolved and steady-state?  Secondly, if the GPS location goes out in right field (literally) during a flight, can code be written to detect large jumps in position and force a flight mode change back to STABILIZE?  Thanks for everyone’s help.  APM is way cool.

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  • Instead of adding just another confusing flashing led, why not include a display and some buttons, like the very, very cheap KK2 board from hobbyking offers?


    When looking ant this small smooth board I feel like overpaying for APM2.5 with just 3 leds and no option to setup without pc out in the wild.

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