Hey guys, so i just got the new apm 2.6, and for the life of me i cant figure out how to plug the gps into the board.  The cable that it came with is a 6 position cable, but the gps has 6 pins and the apm only 5 (well ok the old style gps plug has 6 pins, but it wont fit that either) I'm thinking this is what i need.   http://store.3drobotics.com/products/df13-6-position-to-5-position-...  Has anybody else had the same problem, or am i just over looking something? I'm pretty sure its just a wrong cable, but this is my first time setting something like this up, and i don't want to take chances.

thanks for the help! 

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I have the same issue, you need the extra 6 to 5 pin cable. Don't know why they don't supply it with the GPS/compass module.

I talked to tech support and they said that it was indeed the wrong cable and that they would send me the right one free of charge. The order slip that came with the APM showed the 6 position cable on the list, so it wasn't an accident it was put in there.  Anyhow the're making it right so its all good, i'm just kinda bummed that i have to wait. 

Same here, but multiply by 8 x  APM 2.6's I now have with the wrong cables.

Hope they send me the right ones soon, or at least acknowledge my emails asking for.

Same with me as well. I was puzzled for a while why the 6 pin gyro cable would not fit the ardupilot 2.6

then I googled the problem and found this thread. It's hard to believe 3DR would keep making the same mistake multiple times and not correct for it. I have emailed support and waiting for an answer. 

Yes I was wondering about the shortness of the cables as well. It would be good to keep the ublox away from any EMF interference. 

Still if I had the right cable I could always extend it with a little wire, solder and heat shrink. 

Another thing I noticed was that they gave me two 3DR radio cables instead of giving me the cable that connects the receiver outputs to the APM inputs (which they say is included).  Anyway I didn’t feel like waiting for customer service to get back to me, so I just bit the bullet and bough cheap single pin connecter cables elsewhere. 

I found that calling 3DR support on the phone is the best way. They sent out a cable to me right away

or actually they say the order contains 2 cables but not sure why.

Yes to wrong gyro cable and I didn't get any of those receiver wires either with the APM 2.6 but I will probably just use servo wires since I have plenty of them. Another thing that would have been nice is a Y-cable for the Telemetry Radio and the MinimOSD. I ordered both and could only connect one of them at a time. Rather than call support again I just ordered the Y-cable at my expense from the site, SKU#  VID-CBL-0004.

Another problem is the MinimOSD needs to be programmed via the USB port and they did not include a FTDI to USB adapter so I had to order that as well but could not find it on 3DR so got it from Sparkfun SKU# DEV-09716. So my impression of 3DR is that they are not newbie friendly at least with Internet sales. My advice is to get someone on the phone before you order to make sure you get what you need. 

Hy, do you have this cable scheme? for example:

start from red cable

1 to 1

2 to 2


cuz i'm so far away form usa, i don't thing they will send me new correct cable.

Please help me

This shows the Telemetry/MinimOSD cable wiring:


The Gyro cable I don't have yet so IDK on that.

hi, it's not what i mean.

i need 6 to 5 position cable Scheme/Diagram from APM 2.6 to GPS with External compass

Thank you, now i can cut one sinde of 6/6 cable then replace with 5 pin connector.

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