• chris .I added the web pages as jpg's to my original post .all I can suggest is to search further with search engine . JOHN
  • I just thought of something. Be careful of whatever frequencies you use for clock cycles in your controller systems. Microcontrollers have been getting higher clock speeds than they have in the recent past.
  • I am planning on using 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio. That way I shouldn't have to worry about interference very often except for strong 2.4GHz transmitters jamming me.
  • 100KM
    yes bpl does cause interferance with 72 mgz ive been following the ama's fight with this thruogh far as i know they are not forceing the bpl companies to not interfear but the companies are volantaraly "knotching out " the 72 mhz band.
  • Don't power lines generate a electric field that is equal to the power at the source times the square of the distance.
    I guess I would not get to close. 100ft max, as I have experience getting shocks from power lines as they induced a small current into steel beams I was loading on a semi truck a long time ago.
  • 3D Robotics
    Can you explain a bit more? I haven't heard anything about that causing RC problems.
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