some help with duct fabrication for coaxial rotor ?

After breaking 3 props in a single day (a new record), it is probably time to start looking at adding a prop shroud or duct to my coaxial rotor discussed here before I do some real damage.

For the current design, I just need a simple light-weight cylinder that is a bit more than 12 inches in diameter and about 3 inches tall that attaches to the existing aluminum framework. Longer term, I would be very interested in adding some aerodynamic shape (e.g. a bellmouth) and using the duct to provide the airframe structure, but in the short term, a basic cylinder will provide some some aerodynamic gain (reduced prop tip losses and improved air flow control) and some prop protection (or protection from props).Suggestions ?

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    you could use some sheet polystyrene wraped in a tube shape not super strong but is light and cheep and easy just heat gently and bend . a made an annular wing design that way .i think its also called depron or some thing . if you cant find any i would be happy to send you a few sheets if you pay for postage
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    Short-term, wouldn't a wire ring or two at least protect your props? That should be pretty easy to fabricate, and could eventually be the frame around which can put a strip of light plastic to form a duct.
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