blimp recommendation ?

I've been thinking about a blimp experiment and wondered whether anyone could make a recommendation ?The Plantraco Micro Blimp is reported to be neutrally bouyant with 188gm load - see processor, radio and camera weigh approx 64gm, so it seems like I'm borderline with the Plantraco. The size is attractive, so I'll probably give it a try, but does anyone have a recommendation for a slightly larger airship with 3 motors ?Thanks,Howard

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    First version rip stop nylon with carbon fiber fame


    version 2

    Poly tubing and a seal-a-meal 


    The base is about done I will post some more when I get them together for test flights

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    I think that's a bit high for the MicroBlimp, but I could be wrong (I'll test it again. The much larger BlubberBot envelop could only lift 125 grams, but it doesn't have three motors off the shelf.

    We've used the Blubberbot envelope and added a third motor and our own sensor and processor boards. See this video for more on how it works:
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