Data modems

Im trying to decide on a cheap, relaible data modem that has atleast 10 miles of range. i would like to adapt it to work with my standard tx and fly my fpv plane, and later with the paparazzi im going to build.

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  • Hi Michael,
    (warning topic drift to michaels flight area)
    old Ft ord property too interesting? just watch out for the approach paths to monterey airport, downwind is often over the town of seaside itself and the ft ord properties themselves and is low, the planes are on approach remember?

    In addition life flight(s) to/from CHOMP in carmel are often low(under 400ft), couple that with occasional low fast passes of private helicopters off the seaside beach(only just over the water) at fremont exit ,to the terror of the paraglider pilots locally.

    A safer bet would be to stay to the eastern half of the ft ord property and also have access to the large fenceless agricultural fields surrounding all around, makes retrieval real easy, no fences of course you may have to pay for any crop damage you may cause, and you want to make SURE no agricultural aircraft are NOT arround(watch out for the skydiving ops at Ft ord airstrip.). Another hazard to watch for on landing/takeoff are those high tension towers that DONT show on google earth.

    The area Michael is chatting about is excellent EXCEPT if retrieval needs to take place , unexploded ordinance and regular burns scheduled for this year occupy some of this areas flying spots , other than the above caveats michael excellent choice. I have just been over flying the are myself with google earth to get an idea what it looks like.

  • it doesnt have to have that much but its great to just get something good now so i dont have to worry later . i would only fly to 2-3 miles a couple times, everything else would be within that.
  • no i dont ,do you have to have one to use some of the 900mhz modules?
  • Do you have an Amateur Radio license? With out one, I don't think you'll be able to achieve this goal with unlicensed spectrum.
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