• Have noticed everyone who makes their own IR sensor tries to make it look exactly like the original FMA octagon sensor. The least they could do is try to make it more compact.
  • Hello all.
    Just found your site. Good information here.
    I help run this site:
    Nice to see somebody found it on their own. ;]

    We are a group of RC and openSource enthusiasts.
    We are currently putting together our own uav project based off the Paparazzi Tiny1.3.
    The site is a byproduct of our efforts to find low cost components for our own projects. In keeping with the openSource credo, we chose to offer those same components to other folks searching for low cost components for Paparazzi based uav projects. No sense in everyone paying stencil pcb and assembly setup fees.

    We found initially a severe lack of availability and specific information regarding virtually all components required for our project. By providing PCBs and other uav componentry, our hope is to grow the user base of he Paprazzi project and openSource uav advancement in general.
    As we progress in our project, we intend to offer other uav components on the site, as well as flight code and a knowledgebase detailing not only our own project progress, but that of customers and lessons learned.

    We’d love to hear suggestions for product offerings or other resources we could provide to further uav advancement.
    Please feel free to email or you can reach me directly at

    Have a good day
  • 3D Robotics
    Finally! Great find...

    Have you ordered anything? (I'm waiting for the AttoPilot myself...)
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