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Suggestion for a DIY Drones code repository?

Now that we're getting bigger and sharing more code on this site, I'd like to find something better than putting random files in discussion responses. Has anyone had enough experience with the various code repositories out there to recommend one that would work for our purposes? Most of the ones I've seen require you to use gnarly *nix command-line software tracking tools like QVC and git, which are too complicated for our purposes. Anything simple with a web interface that will just let us upload code and track versions, etc?

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  • Hi everyone,
    I have this nagging problem I've been trying to solve for the past 6 weeks. And that is how to simulate the optimisation of the integrated GPS/INS system with a Kalman using MATLAB. That is to demonstrate that the Kalman filter bounds the individual errors of the sensors (ie GPS and INS). Can anyone deliver me from this nightmare please!!!!
  • Good points,

    And i think a bulletin forum would be good to have to. much better forum functions and then we could have some good threads to post in.

    better control, but this Ning thing is good but limited.
  • I think you should just get a pastebin setup running. Easy as pie.
  • We could have one discussion area that is JUST for posting code. Each should have a BRIEF description of what it is and on what platform.
  • Chris I've worked with many revision control systems. I highly recommend svn. It works on all platforms, and does indeed work from the command line for people like me. However there are many free and easy to use gui clients for it as well.

    Some examples include tortiseSVN, which integrates with windows file explorer, or SmartSVN which is a java thick client.

    For the web there are may web based clients that will front your repository like SVNServe.

    SVN is also full of all the features you will need as things grow, like merging, branching, tagging, releases, etc.

    I understand what you are looking for, SVN is accessible to the average person. Sourceforge is a great example, I use it from the web, from the command line, and from SmartSVN.... in fact you can just use sourceforge to host the repository.... diydrones would still be the home page for the project etc...

    I use smartSVN as a standalone client it works great, Intellij, and even eclipse has svn integrated right in...

    I recommend staying away from CVS... it was a good tool years back... but it had shortcomings... SVN works really well
  • Developer
    you may like to take a look at
    Launchpad tour
    Launchpad helps people to work together on free software by making it easy to share code, bug reports, translations and ideas.
  • Hi Chris,

    I think that you could create a google code project to store code by platform.


  • I found this some weeks ago. I hope it could help.


  • Assembla.com is an easy way to go. I use TortoiseSVN on windows too. Integrates with the Windows File Explorer and is super easy to use.

    I would also suggest something like Trac for basic task management and a wiki.

    Assembla can host all of this for us for free.


    Google Code is also a viable option.
  • Why don't we just have a single page where we link directly to the code that is in the discussions? It simpler, less space is taken, and life is good.
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