900MHz 2dBi Antennas

Is there anything special about the antennas that are out of stock or can you can pick up any 900MHz RP-SMA antenna and use them with these? I'm considering ordering the parts without the antennas and just picking them up elsewhere.

On a separate note, other than the footprint, I can essentially use these as XBee replacements right? I have a set of XBee 900MHz Pro XSC modules and GPS that I was going to use for my LOS/FPV R/C flying (no AP onboard) to do airplane tracking in case I lose my plane in the trees. Any reason why this couldn't work as an XBee replacement?

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  • Better also make sure they're 50 ohm antennas.

  • Developer

    yep, any 900MHz RP-SMA antenna will do. Or just a bit of wire of the right length soldered onto the middle pin.

    You're also right that these are usable as XBee replacements. They also have some additional features, but the basic idea of transparent serial radios is the same.

    Cheers, Tridge

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