I am going to order Telemetry soon and I am interested in RDF900 but I have couple of questions.

1. Does it work for a 5KM distance?

2. I am currently in Europe where 900Mhz band which RDF900 uses is not ISM band but I just need to test it for a few flight and then go to another country where it is allowed, So if I can use it, is it going to make problems and is local authority able to locate me?


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1. No.
2. 900MHz is illegal in Europe, and yes, they can locate you if anyone reports interferences. 900MHz is used by GSM phones, and the providers are usually monitoring their network.


But in some reviews I saw it was working up to 10KM.

Can I use 433Mhz without any problem in Europe(Germany)?

It does indeed work for 5km and a lot more besides. The rfd 900 is an amazing product and the service from Seppo is excellent. As for legality in Germany I'm afraid I have no idea.

You may adjust the minimum frequency of the RDF900 to be above 916 so as to be outside GSM spectrum and try your luck....

I don't think the whole of Germany is monitoring this frequency ;)

Thanks but it seems a dangerous side :D , 433Mhz seems legal though.

Do you have any idea how long can I go with it ?

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