9X mode problem with FrSky CPPM

I had followed the instruction here for setting up the mode switches on my stock 9X and it was working perfectly but after reading all the post about fail safes I decided not to fly it again until I had a fail safe set up. I added the FrSky module and a FrSky D4FR and after some help from this great community I have the controls working but some how now my modes don't work. the 2 stage switch still seems to work but the 3 stage switch wont do anything. I was told it in the radio but after hour of playing with it I can't get it to work. This my first radio that's programmable but I really don't understand the 9x menu at all.

If anyone has a 9x/ FrSky working in CPPM I would greatly appreciate knowing how you got your mode switches working because I'm stumped.    

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  • No problem glad to help.
  • I use the smartieboard it is really easy to change settings. On the picture of the tx the CH8 needs be set to the switchees. It shouldn't be NULL. or whatever other channel you use for mode changes.

  • Er9x fireware help me out on the switches.Make sure on TX that channel 8 has all the modes setup on that channel.

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