I have been seeing a lot of radio interference recently on my spectrum analyser. Operating in and around a commercial port with a highly sensitive military base close by is probably asking for trouble. I was operating in the Limassol Marina and Commercial Port area last week, when I could not start a DJI machine because the wifi link was seeing only an image from a security camera. There have been numerous reports of Phantoms etc. flying off out to sea never to be seen again. It is not only DJI stuff that is at risk however. I was standing inside the marina with a hand held GPS and could see my ground speed was around 100 mph.

OK we all know that there are many illegal transmissions around. Plenty of powerful 2.4 and 5.8 boosters out there and in times of high alert, sensitive military areas do put out a great many anti terrorist stuff especially regarding GPS. 

This situation is something that every commercial drone operator should be aware of and have the capability to assess the situation before flight. It does however introduce the case for legislation requirements for such analysis to be mandatory before flight. It will also be the next stage to help quell the anti movements on the grounds of safety. 

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