I'm a newbie in the antenna tracking, and I have a few question about this function in the Planner.

1. It seems I must point the antenna to the north before I fly, am I right?

2. Are the travels of servos adjusted using the "PWM range" box? How can I check whether the ranges are correct? I mean, can I drive the servos to their limits by clicking some buttons?

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are you using a masetro, i have tested with one alot, ardutrack has limited testing.

i will upload a guide tonight, i wrote the other day.


1. use the pan trim to point in another direction.

2. pwm range is the range of pwm you want the servo to move. ie 1000 =   1000 to 2000 pwm, mid point is always 1500 pwm. i asume you know the min/max of the servo already. even at 1000 to 2000, so long as you set the angle range correctly it will function fine.

Thank you. Currently I'm developing my own tracking system using a X-Y type antenna mount. I'll see if I can make it compatible to the masetro, or write another tracker class in the planner.

the simplest interface to make it work would be ardutracker, as it just sends raw pwm values.

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