Hey there everyone. Here's my dilemma.

I just assembled my APM and connected up my UBLOX to do a little "bench testing" to ensure my soldering skills are ok and check that the boards are working correctly.


I started off by uploading the new APM 2.0 to the board which appeard to be successful. When the testing the APM using the Arduino software, all of the IMU sensors are reading correctly as I pitch, roll and yaw the APM. It also boots the UBLOX GPS and reports UBLOX...OK.


Next I tried to run Happy Killmores GCS. I uploaded the APM 2.0 Beta firmware using arduino software. This reulted in Happy Killmore's GCS showing data in the "data recived" window of the GCS but no data in the "translated data" window. Next I upladed the APM 2.0 (MAVLINK) firmare using the firmare uploader that comes bundled with the planner utilities. I then fired up Happy Kilmore's GCS.  Everything seems to be being recived by HappyKillmore's GCS as I have checked the "serial data" and now the  "translated data" window in the software is making sense. What I don't get however is the artificial horizon and 3d aircraft model moving when I tilt and roll the APM accordingly.


I than swapped back to APM 1.02 firmware and manually defined GCS protocol, ports and GPS protocol to LEGACY, 0 and UBLOX and all of a sudden the IMU is moving the instruments on the GCS.


Can anyone explain to me what is going on?




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Yes, but youll need to tell us a bit about your setup... which ports are you utilizing? for example do you have xbee's hooked up for gcs data?

Within the standard compiled default 1280 mavlink 2.0 code delivered using the apm planner utility, the usb port can only be used for mavlink communications for pid and waypoints but it will not put out ahi or instruments. you must use the telemtry port for ground station links to get ahi. there are several other ways of getting it but thats the first one that comes to mind given your description of how you loaded the code.

I am using the USB attachment port (port 0) just for basic testing. Port 0 has no problem spitting out the IMU data when selected to LEGACY protocol. But this was when using Version 1.02

I will eventually be using my own radio modem for telemetry (not xbee) and will then be using the standard telemetry port.

As you have said, it must be because mavlink won't use the USB port for instument (imu) data..

Cheers... I wasn't sure.



Hi John

I have exactly the same problem. APM1,APM1.02 everything works well, as soon as I use any APM 2 version, then I get no translated data coming through. Did you manage to figure it out?


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