A little help with a quadcopter build

I am building a quadcopter from some parts that were donated to me and I am unsure of how exactly to connect the power distribution board, esbs and flight controller. This is my second build and a lot more complex than my first.  I was hoping I could get some advice.


The power distribution board is the Advanced Power Distribution PDB 500 (https://powerdrives.net/pdb500)

The flight controller is an APM 2.6 (https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-apm25-and-26-overview.html)

And the ESCs are Hobbywing XRotor 40A 2-6S OPTO (https://www.hobbywing.com/goods.php?id=398)


In my previous build, I attached the ESCs directly to the flight controller, although they had a BEC. I was also donated a BEC. So my questions are:


Do I need a BEC for every ESC?

What if I plug the ESCs into the FC without a BEC, will it fry the FC?

The PDB has connections for the ESBs can I attach them there without a BEC?

The connections on the PDB for the ESCs are semi-circular, if I were to attach the ESCs here how do I do that? Do I solder them directly

Any help is much appreciated, I understand these are probably basic questions, but this is a bit more complex than my last build Thank you

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  • I would start here: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/autopilot-assembly-instructions.html

    There are many configuration diagrams and you should be able to get a feel for the connections.

    Also, if you go to any of the flight controller manufactures websites, almost every one has a detailed interconnection
    section with wiring diagrams....GL!

    In general, with many of the smaller "30x30" flight controllers and smaller, soldering is required.
    Many controllers do not power the servo rail at all, as the FC typically is powered from an external
    regulator board that also provides voltage and current info to the FC for battery failsafe and telemetry.

    Dig out the documentation for the specific components you were gifted. All the information you need is
    on-line. Google is your friend!
    Autopilot System Assembly Instructions — Copter documentation
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