As you all know, drones are becoming popular in the United States of America, and also the Mid. East. Their are an expected 30,000 drones to be in the us by 2016. If we could build drone airships we could get the airship industry back and going again. Maybe everyone will forget about the Hindenburg Disaster, if we could get the drone airships in the air. So I have come up with a "club/organization" on airships. If your wanting to find out more information just comment below or email me at I would post the link to our website, but I do not want to spam up the forum.

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Please post the link its OK! 

Well forgive me for making the my website so localized. My friend and I didn't think about what we were doing when we created the club. The name of our club is "North Mississippi Small Blimps". The website revolves around airships in general. From the great passenger airships to building drones, rcs, and even building an ultralight airship. This is the link:
We are probably going to change the name of our club, once we get enough members.
Also anyone is welcome to join.
Hello guys,
My last club idea was a pretty bad idea. The "North Mississippi Small Blimps Club". It was to localized and the web address was to long. We made a mistake when we created it. It looked cool, but like I said it was way to localized. So I came up with an idea that anyone internationaly can join my forum, and feel belonged. I was going to start a new forum called "dirigible-modelers forum", since and are down, because of spammers and hackers. So what do you guys think about it?
this is our new forum that will suit everyone

Will have a job for an airship that can lift < 3kg in a few weeks.   Checking out the forum soon!!!


Alright, I just added a category for drone airships and balloons.

Hi so my crazy idea is to build a dirigible.  The basic design would use a geodesic dome built with carbon fiber struts.  I would use gas bags either helium or hydrogen filled. Lightweight  fireproof fabric covering, Extending from the dome would be four latticed struts for the motors.  To start it would have negative buoyancy and I could use standard flight controllers and an X4 setup.  Eventually I would want to be able to reverse the motors for landing.

So I'd love to join up.

Yes, you are right  Belen Johnson. Future is for drones. But we have to control them, before its too late. Even rc drones can be catastrophic, if misused. 

What happened at Hindenburg? i never heard about that..

santechnikas kaune

No replys? ;/


seo paslaugos

I'm very interested in this thread. I'm building an rc blimp right now with a camera on it. I would love to set it up with Pixhawk to stabilize it and have it fly programs. 

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