Yunli king kong is a new generation of efficient and convenient uav tethering and upgrading system independently developed by corbett, featuring small size, low noise, long service life, fast dynamic response and high efficiency.Users directly adapt the traditional lithium electric uav system into tethered uav system.


1, quick disassembly interface, strong compatibility

Cloud king kong does not need to develop the tethered uav flight platform separately. It only needs the ordinary version of lithium electric uav system with quick disassembly standard interface. With cloud king kong, it can be directly used as tethered uav system, realizing the multi-purpose of uav flight platform.

2. High safety and stability

The power ripple at the output end of the power module is small, eliminating the interference and harm of the power output to the electric uav;The power supply sky terminal module has the functions of over current protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection and short circuit protection, which can ensure the stability of the mooring device to the maximum extent and extend its service life.

3. Backup power supply, double guarantee

Yunli king kong is equipped with expanded lithium battery as backup power supply, which can safely and continuously deliver power to the uav for a long time, preventing the risk of falling due to sudden power failure.In the process of switching between the main power supply and the backup power supply, the cloud king kong has a rapid dynamic response ability, which does not affect the normal operation of the uav.

4. Intelligent cable can be retractable and retractable freely

The cable retracting and releasing device can realize the automatic retracting and retracting and retracting, and the whole process needs no human intervention.


5. Integrated design, small and convenient

Yunli king kong's cable receiving and laying device and ground power supply adopt integrated design, the volume is smaller, the sky weight is less than 620g, the ground weight is less than 43kg, the outdoor transport is more convenient, convenient and rapid installation and disassembly, suitable for outdoor flexible operation.

6. Intelligent detection of current and voltage

Cloud king kong sky end and ground end have intelligent detection of output voltage and current function, can easily read the ground end and sky end equipment current and voltage parameters, do know at any time, fully respond to abnormal current and voltage situation. 

7. High efficiency and fast energy conversion

The cloud king kong module has the high efficiency characteristic, the ground end power supply module and the sky end power supply module, may carry on the rectification, the boost, the transmission, the step-down and so on to the power supply efficiently in real time.High conversion efficiency, high operating efficiency.

8. Standardized task interface with strong compatibility

Cloud king kong has been adapted to MMC standard drawer type quick tear open interface, can match all carry MMC interface task mount, allow users to according to personalized demand cloud king kong and MMC mount combination use, meet different use scene requirements. 


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