Hi Guys,

I need some help about connections among APm 2.5,AR8000 receiver and t-rex 700E. I tried some different connections but I cant find correct way.

my connections is;

Input1 : Aileron                                 Output1: LeftServo(Ail)

Input2 : Elevator                               Output2: Elevator  

Input3: Throttle                                 Output3: Pitch(Rgiht Servo)

Input4 : Rudder                                Output4: Rudder

Additionally I got 5V power for input and output seperately by plugging 5V battery to Input7 and output 7.

Those connections were well when I tested it with mission planner. All commands are taken care of by APM. But when I connect it to Trex700, servos dont act as they should do. So I am not good at DX8 so maybe it needs some differents settings.

Any idea?

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Sorry Emre, I can't help you with this as I do not understand Spektrum's system.  They employ some strange inflexible and seemingly undocumented channel layout.

Troubleshoot the channels in MP to make sure you are feeding correctly.
If they are correct then you might have a problem similar to this one.


Thanks Rob, I solved problem. It just works well now.

Thanks Ray, I tried some combination and find the right one for now.

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