Hey, i'm working on a flight of an UAV (Piccolo Plus). I have only the log file, i'm trying to estimate the attitude of the aircraft (I have the trajectory, so I have latitude, longitude and height of each position). In the log file there are yaw, pitch and roll angle registered. I would like to know what these angles are referred to. I mean, for example, yaw angle at a certain time T measured from the UAV is the angle between the local North and the longitudinal axis of the aircraft? Or is that referred to the velocity vector? (I have also the components of the velocity vector vNorth vEast vDown registered). 
I have to develop a script that gives me the trace of z vehicle axis (intersection between the z axis of the vehicle and the Ze=0 plane on the surface of the Earth), so I need to know how that angles have been registered.
Thanks for the help

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