Hi guys, in these days I've been flying with a beta version 3.4-dev (9a09a86b). The reason why I'm using it instead the released 3.3.3 is because I found it more "stable". As soon as I upgraded to 3.3.3 the position controls happened to be very nervous and because I am mainly focused on dronekit development I immediately downgraded to what it was working fine to me.

Anyway, I've been experiencing some weird fly-away in Loiter mode: weird because there are no GPS glitch but suddenly the vehicle starts moving and even ascending or descending.

Checking the last telemetry it looks that... he was told to do that, but the RC inputs were all centered. Furthermore the Companion PC was OFF....

Maybe that is something that the developers dealt with and fixed in most recent releases, but if not, it is worth investigating I think

Desired North

RC Inputs

GPS Innovation

Have someone being experiencing the same issue?


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